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Can you make it to where you can do "/j clearprotection" on certain furnaces like how you can do "/cmodify <name>" and punch a chest to add someone to that chest. But to clear all furnace you do "/ j clearprotection all" or "/j clearprotectionall" or something like that.


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I think this is very useful, but I'm not sure if this is possible with Jobs itself. However, a way to combat this as a player is to ensure all your furnaces you use for your job is claimed (generally 40) and just place the others as normal. You will be getting the "You have reached the max furnace limit" message, but it won't override.


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Break and place your furnace again should remove the protection?

As of right now this is a limit of the Jobs plugin (which is a 3rd party add-on the server) and we have no real control over this as of right now.
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