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I'm often bewildered when trying to find out which player has the most experience in a job.

The first sorting on a job rank has to do with a players job level, but the second level seems somewhat random. This should be their current experience on that level. If a third is needed (although I doubt its rarely the same) then it should be by first person to arrive at that (if available), and if not should probably be by their name.


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Im confused. do you mean /j top for all jobs or do you mean /j top (job) ex. /j top lumberjack.
because /j top (job) is based off of exp in that job.
/j top [name].

It only sorts by level, and not by the experience gained in that level - making the second 'order by' seem a bit random. If you look at a job where there are many people that have the same level, then do a /j stats [name] on each of them you will notice that they are usually not ordered by the experience that they have gained in that respective job (other than by the overall level itself).

For some reason, this seems default in all jobs plugins I have seen.

I can probably do a couple screen captures to demonstrate it if needed.
Example attached. Justtaweeb and Evne are the same level. Evne has more experience at the same level, but he/she is listed later.



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Yea, it would be nice to have this fixed. At one point I was a level higher than someone, but under them on the leaderboard (although it did fix itself somewhat quickly).
1. ThyV (77)
2. Collector_ (78)