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Increase rates of glowstone dropping in McMMO Excavation

I think it would be a good/great idea to increase the rate of glowstone dust dropping in McMMO from something about 6.5% (what I calculated) (Wiki says 5%) to maybe something like 15% or 20%, glowstone dust is getting ever rarer with the mass colonization of the nether and this also may be something like a nice extra perk for digger, this would give digger another income source, that most other jobs have from doing their jobs aswell as make glowstone a little bit easier to obtain.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm talking about excavation above level 1500, where getting glowstone is so rare in contrary to lower levels.
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As much as I'd like this, I don't think glowstone is scarce enough for a buff to take effect because a lot of the nether is still untouched and as you said: "..rate of glowstone dust dropping in McMMO..", it already drops there as well.
oh believe me, as someone with over 750 excavation you make plenty from the loot/digger. Give it a bit more time and levels and you'll be making pretty good money in no time. plus at the point I'm at I wish I didn't get so much glowstone.

Edit: Arctic don't go and harass me in game because you didn't clarify that you meant high level rather than low level excavation. your post didn't clarify that and since the forum says newbie that's what most would assume.
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