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Im ThyV, And This is my story.


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I joined the server on August 10th, of 2018, and I am glad I have stayed a part of this community, I have met a lot of wonderful people, that have become close friends with little to no time, I applied for staff shortly after I joined on, August 25th, I didn't want to apply from the start, and wasn't expecting to apply either, but having talked to a few members and encouraged by PawlerBear I chose to send in my application and I became staff on August 31st,

Looking back it now, I am happy I sent in my application as it has helped me in may ways, one of which is mentally, With all the friends I've made on the server, Its been a huge boost to my personal health and other benefits of my life, as I can talk to people without feeling down, and or even have to worry about being alone when I get on, there's always someone to talk to, and I am grateful for that.

A few months passed and I was promoted to moderator on October 18th, and I am very grateful for Killian to have given me this chance to help and support the server for as much as I can, I have had a lot of past experience with staffing on servers, But nothing as organised as it is on this server, I still to this day, have to say, Thank you Killian for the amazing guide.

Some of my personal goals are to get on top of a few of the leader boards in game such as /mctop /jobs gtop and of course to get emperor, Even though this will take a long painstaking time, I am here to grind it out and then further create and make some amazing builds. I have many things planned and ill be happy to have you all join in the fun, Its not the same without the community, and I am glad that impart of this one.


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Happy to have you as a Staff Member and as a great member of the server! :D


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Happy to have you on the server. Hope to see you flying around with emperor soon ;P
Lovely story Thy another thing i love about your story people helped you in many ways and you always carry on the help they gave you by giving help to other players! i didn't join far behind you but since you was helper you have inspired me and helped me alongside the millions of others! You deserve to be a part of the player and staff community i hope all your dreams become successful! ~FalconKyle


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Im glad you applied for staff. I think you are an excellent mod and you do it very well. you are liked by players and staff alike. Obv im happy you joined the server for other reasons too :giggle: