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Hey there, I'm Etsey (call me Ezz), I'm 17 and live in England, UK
I LOVE Minecraft and I've been playing for many many years (I've had this account since 2013 but my brother and I shared an account up until then, so I've been playing minecraft since the day it became available for the public)

I hope to be a part of the community.
I don't really know what else to say on here... So here's some fun facts about me:

My real name is Ezzie
I'm a Capricorn
I speak German (well at least, I try to)
I live near Scotland
I used to have braces

yeah... That's it haha
See y'all around :)
Welcome, Ezz. I hope you like it here. This community is very rewarding.
hello, welcome to azertu and i hope you have fun here​