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Ice Castle - Entering the competition

I would like to dedicate this build to my amazing friends and teammates without which this build would have been impossible and online gaming wouldn't have been as fun:



Introducing the "Ice Castle"

The Ice Castle was initially built 1,400 years ago by the Emperor Maladictus's Great-Grandfather.
It was meant to serve as a prestigious home for eternal Ice figures who need their privacy.

700 years ago as civilization and modern life became prevalent, door to door salesmen and traders started bothering the Ice figures on daily basis. One day Frostmage Rosalya couldn't take another offer for a cleaning solution and did a powerful magic which lifted the structure above ground so it was no longer easily reachable by outsiders. However, some time later as pizza deliveries and Amazon Prime became a thing, that turned out to not be the best idea.

Ice Figures

Emperor Maladictus

The rightful ruler of the Ice Castle. He can usually be seen hunting with his bow or gathering materials for his hungry builders. Don't make eye contact. The legend tells that he likes to bite.

Frostmage Rosalya

She is a non-existent Mage living in a non-existent Mage tower hiding a non-existent purple particle that has the power to destroy the world as we know it. Can only be seen in her wooden cabin taking care of her wolf Alice and mooshroom Mila.

Santa Claus

Just like in real life, he can only be seen around once or twice per year. He uses his tower to park his sleigh. When the demand is too high, he also uses it to host extra elfs for making gifts. Why can't more kids be naughty?


The absolute best companion to have for whenever you are on a mission or you need some extra materials. Please don't ask him for unlimitted wishes - he gets upset. He is already quite irritated about the whole Will Smith thing.


He is usually very hard to find and shy. He has only been seen rarely building random things. Which is a good thing. He has the desire to cause trouble and eventually take over the Ice Castle and turn it into a dark place. Emperor Maladictus' power and noble qualities will be enough to allow him to stop Dim's inevitable plans for destruction. Or are they?

Special thanks to GoldenEyeris for also helping out!

Name of the team: Ice Ice Babies (they usually play on Vanilla)
Coordinates of the build: -51277, 66, -3272 (XYZ)

Some screens of the building process:
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