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I want to start my own bussiness

Should I do this

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Does anyone have any tips or suggestions. I don't know when I will start but I plan to have a video game developing company.


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Well first, you're gonna want to figure out what type of game. After that, try to find some sort of developer tool (Like Essentials for pokemon games) that you will be able to use. Then one you find one you want, learn the language you need, like JavaScript, etc.

Those would be my best tips. But if it is just you, don't expect results in months! :D


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I already studied those but thanks anyway
Then I would perhaps create a google docs/spreadsheet to lay out your idea of a game and kinda start from there. THat way, you can put it in a text form of what is happening at that point in the game, then the sheet can include the different aspects, etc.

Just a way to organize before diving in will make the process go faster :D


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I agree with snow. Take your time organizing your ideas. I built a few 2d games in c# in High School and my biggest issue was organizing the effects or features I wanted to apply. Definitely pick your language wisely. Python, JavaScript, flash(outdated af), c#/c++/vbasic(pretty much the same), etc
I dont know anything about computers or code ...I just want to say "Go for it" can do it. :)
And reaching out to network with others is a good idea and writing everything down. (always good to have proof of your ideas in case there is ever an issue)

edit: I have a few friends that I'm going to ask if they have any ideas, suggestions, or websites I can share with you.
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Depends on what kind of game. And also take a look when stuff calms down so you don't have too many competition with other games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends (now).

Organize everything and choose carefully! You'll get there eventually.


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Visit an accountant / bookkeeper. They should be able to explain everything you need. Or at least that's what they did for me...