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Rejected Hunter Perk Suggestion

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It would be cool if hunter got the ability to egg hostile mobs as either a level 50 or 75 perk. Considering the current level 75 perk, I think that hunter could use something better. Strength 1 is pretty much useless. Anywhere you're killing mobs (darkrooms etc) generally already have strength 2 beacons, and for pvp it's just better to use hulk. I almost never use /strength. I also think that egging hostile mobs really wouldn't be that op. Like even wither skeletons, ghasts and shulkers, you would just be killing them anyways, there is really no advantage in egging them other than to save them to kill all at once, or to move and use elsewhere as decoration.


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actually....... just imagine egging the ender dragon? XD or a wither


Staff member
Yeah I agree with collector, mob bosses are not eggable since they do not have eggs in creative mode. In addition, that could be disasterous to the overworld. I like this idea for Hunter, especially in the way we could trade wither spawn eggs after implementation. I find this to be an interesting idea.
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