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How to actually make a potato smelter that doesn't keep breaking

This, for some people might seem stupid as a lot of people do know how to make one perfectly

But, not everyone is good at redstone (me included, I suck!)

But, for everyone that's wanting to get into cooking then please follow this guide <3

Please Note
> There is a 40 Furnace limit for a player to claim $$ from their Cooking
> There is a 25 hopper limit

Step 1
Make sure you're pointing either east or west (This is important as the rail physics in Minecraft are a bit weird)
You can see this by pressing f3 and then looking here:


Step 2
Place 4 Blocks of your choice (must be solid blocks such as stone, stone bricks, cobblestone etc.) in a row like this

Step 3
Next, you want to replace the 4 blocks infront of the stone with redstone blocks so that it looks like this:
(This is so that your powered rails will funtion)


Step 4
Place Three rows of hoppers 4 blocks away from your redstone. (it doesn't have to be exactly 4 but personally, i think it's good for it to be in the middle
Your set up so far should look like this

Step 5
Have a break!! You deserve it <3

Step 6
place rails, it's easier if I just show you a photo of what i mean. NOTE: Do it 1 row at a time otherwise your rails will connect and it'll be weird. Also, Put another one of the redstone, stone things at the end (I'll show you don't worry <3 )

Step 7
Underneath your hoppers. place two chests in the middle row (i'll show you what i mean again don't you worry) and then organise the hoppers so that they all flow into the chest
It'll look like this:
NOTE: you get the hoppers to turn towards the chest by holding shift and right clicking on the chest (as if you were opening it). Also i'm on a superflat world so sorry i can't go any deeper

Step 8
Place your furnaces above the NON powered railings ( I choose to do this by preference so that I can have access to the minecarts more easily. It'll look like this:


Step 9
Put fuel and taties in your furnaces :)

Step 10
Make 4 "Minecart with Hoppers" and place them on the powered rail tracks and watch your smelting blossom and your level climb

I'm not a redstone genius, so I thought this kinda post would be better coming from someone who isn't a redstone nerd (although you guys are awesome <3 ) because then it's as simple as possible.

I don't think I've missed anything, but If I have feel free to comment below

Have a lovely day. And hey, you look great today <3
If you wanted to, you could add hoppers and dispensers under the chest connected to a redstone clock and have it dispense the cooked tatoes into lava.


Grandmaster Contributor
Also to add, if needed, connect more chests underneath with more dispensers. Since you can't have a crazy fast redstone clock, having only one chest may cause it to backup. However, adding perhaps eight dispensers would hopefully avoid that, while also still being under a slower redstone clock.


Staff member
If you do use dispensers to shoot items out, PLEASE shoot them into lava!
Well, I like to have observers so I don't have to empty the chests every so often

Here's a picture of mine (Yea, much similar to Ueni's)



Grandmaster Contributor
Well, I like to have observers so I don't have to empty the chests every so often

Here's a picture of mine (Yea, much similar to Ueni's)
I use observers as well, makes things a bit easier.