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Approved Horse Armor Blacksmith EXP/Material Salvage

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Horse armor is craftable through the custom recipes (6 material), but they cannot be dismantled. It would make plenty of sense to be able to gain money from making them as a Blacksmith, as well as be able to Salvage them for extra materials.

The amount of materials this gives may seem insignificant but let me tell you I find a lot of horse armor.

horse armor.png

Please save me.


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Salvageable Horse Armor will be a thing after the next server restart.
As of right now we have no intention to make it a paid craftable.
Thank you, Sirk!

And Iustin, it's when you take an item like armor or a tool you don't want and right click a gold block. It breaks the item down into the materials it was made from. The amount of materials you get back depends on your Salvage MCMMO skill.


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To add what Higuchi said as well, the max amount you can get back is 50% yield, so if you salvage a 100% diamond chestplate (Eight diamonds to make), you'll get four back. It's very handy to have at max when you're a blacksmith so you get more materials back! :D


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Closing thread since its been added and all questions have been answered :p
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