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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a setting for optimization of the server, but I thought I would bring up the fact that hoppers in the server behave differently than they do in survival. To put this is the simplest way I can, I strongly believe that hoppers power for one or two more ticks more than they should.

I have three cases in particular that show evidence of it, including going to survival and recreating them and the issues are fixed. The most notable is when I try to make a key card system for a door. (Having a signed "key" book open a door).

What is supposed to happen:
I press a button, the dropper sends a book into a hopper which activates a comparator sending one book back into the hopper for retrieval. The hopper has one "key" book in each of its slots" and one it gets an extra one, it sends a book back.

What actually happens: I press the button, sending the "key" into the hopper, the hopper activates the comparator, which should send one book back to the dropper. HOWEVER, it sends 2 books back into the dropper. Thus breaking the system because there is an empty slot in the hopper and giving one to many keys back to the player.

This bug can also apply to things such as chest sorters, making them finicky and hard to work with. Basically anything that might use a hopper could be affected if it activates one more time than it should.

I was thinking this could be an optimization setting since it seems like it has to do with it maybe skipping a tick so that redstone doesn't cause lag, but I've seen this mess with a lot of redstone contraptions.

I just want to be able to make my cool redstone stuff :c I'm not trying to lag the server. Either way, I get it if it's a known/non-fixable issue, but it would be awesome if it could be fixed.


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This is intentional.

Hoppers tick less frequently but send more items at once to help with the insane amounts of lag they produce.
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