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Hello everyone,

Name's PlanetLunar or Lunar, whatever you wish to call me. I play loads of towny games but while I was looking for the right towny server it took me a while to find a game with stable players online until I foundAzertuMC caught the name is unique and the visuals and textures on the banner were what really intriegued me to join in the first place. I am shy and timid but aren't we all are, once you meet me I'm a great and loyal friend. My hobbies are listening to kpop (my favourite group is BlackPink). BlackPink in ur areaaa! Anyways I am from Canada and I enjoy playing minecraft, I look forward to meeting you all. See you around!


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Welcome to Azertu! My fiance and I play quite often, if we run into you we'll be sure to say hello! :)


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Welcome! We all hope you enjoy your stay here on Azertu. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and explore some of the guides here on the forums as well! :D
Hi. :) I'm new to the server (only been here a week)
I just wanted to say my daughter's fav is BlackPink also. LOL
Welcome to AzertuMC <o/ there is tonns of nice people on the server and i think you would fit in perfectly When i first joined i was shy but ive got over it and now i have lots of friends on the server if you need a town you can always join mine aswell Hope you enjoy your stay
Thank You all for the warm welcomes, I look forward to seeing all of you around on towny. ♡


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Welcome to Azertu! i hope you will enjoy your time here!
Im from sweden and shy too even though you cant tell >.>