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Hey its your neighbourhood Hobo!

So I'm kinda late to this whole intro thing but anyway,
I joined on Sep 14 2018 and I have enjoyed every bit of it ever since. Im known as "Hobo" or "happy_h0bo". When it comes to me on the server I'm a mixed bag, I will either be helping, memeing, having a normal convo or making inappropriate jokes! Hence why people either love me or hate me. I am in Voice Chat a lot and because of it I meet a lot of nice people! (and not nice people :c) I even met my amazing girlfriend here! (shes one of the nice ones)

In real life I'm actually a redhead with blue eyes! As rare as they come!
I'm 18 and I study Geographic Science in university, Its a mix of everything so I wont go into detail.
I'm from Lithuania but been in Ireland almost all my life so my english is better than my native language xD
I got 2 cattos and 1 doggo

I could write a whole lot more but I'm not bothered, this aint no english assignment on my life story xd
yeh thats all


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Glad to see you're still on the server and enjoying it, Hobo! You and Tubby were the first two I really talked to when I first joined Azertu :D
I rtp'd in regular world a couple days ago and ended up in your town lol. Nice looking area!


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Hi hobo :p
You and i didnt get along very well in the beginning but i think we have come around. I like chatting with you and Panzer in vc and im glad you like the server ^^