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Solved Hellworker not paying when GlowStone is mined

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I think i'm having a reproducible problem. Maybe this is normal and I just don't know, but...

When i mine glowstone with picks in the nether I don't get paid for it most of the time. I have found that my best chance for getting paid is if I break it by hand.

i've used both non-silk and silk picks and I have quit and restarted mc. I'm a level 29 hellworker logging in on 1.12.

To test the problem i completely quit out of minecraft and restarted, checked my balance, chose a pick and broke exactly 4 glow and checked balance again and found no increase. Did this several times with 2 different picks and then lastly my hand.

I get paid close to 100% of the time if I use my hand to break it. Not completely sure if its 100% as my block count on larger numbers of glow could have been off by a couple but it seems close.


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We have looked into the issue and we realized its the level 25 perk messing up the payment. I suggest you break it by hand for now until we roll out a patch to fix this.
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