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Looking Into Hellworker buffs/changes

Good evening! This is my first official thread and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I am a newer player to Azertu, about 2 months, maybe 2 and a half!

I've noticed a little big of a trend of new players immediately falling into line with mining, and eventually taking a second job which is almost never Hellworker. from talking to previous players I've come to the understanding there has been an update on hellworker in the past. The things I am suggesting have room for budging or maybe even better revisions that could be made.

The first thing i will bring up, the money making itself is completely fair IMO and the only change to the actual job profits should be the ability to craft glowstone. this crafting glowstone will profit both diggers and hellworkers.

The next flaw with Hellworker I see comes from a post that was recently shot down. the ability to add /resource to the nether. in Sirk's own words "There is no reason for a resource nether. If you simply walk out a shy 500 blocks, the entire nether is almost untouched. " but he brought up the potential to add /rtp.

i think that /rtp could be reworked into the hellworker job perks as a potential lvl 25 perk. this would allow new players an easier time finding resources but would allow them to explore the nether and cultivate it.

the current hellworker perks are

> lvl 25 piggy bank
> lvl 50 permanent fire resistance
> lvl 75 keep xp on death.

two of these three are obsolete while the third is useful to players with less money. let's dive deaper.

>lvl 25 piggybank

this allows a random chance when mining for a piggy bank to spawn. if you kill it the fastest you can you earn $5,000 (my fastest if $4,367). this also drops pork chops, 1 gold ore, 1 gold ingot, and 1 gold nugget. (all useless to the hellworker job field)

~ potential updates. make a higher level perk (maybe level 50) with a higher chance of dropping maybe 1/5000 and a random reward. Similar to like vote crates where the rewards are %'s as well. for example,
40% - $5,000

-20% - 1,000 xp towards hellworker
-20 % - 64 quartz
-13 % - 2 stacks of nether brick
-7 % - repair gem (seems like a huge help when mining long-term.

I’ve received a total of ~20 of these since starting hell worker, and working to level 50. I mined until level 30. I cleared entire mountains in the nether and received this amount.

In addition to buffing this I think this should be buffed to a lvl 50 skill.

~lvl 50 Permanent fire resistance

This skill is nice but is rendered obsolete once you have 100k extra money to spend. This is a quick and simple fix of either removing or lowering to level 25.

~LVL 75 keep xp on death

Already a perk of lord/lady and really doesn’t do much for hellworker because xp is not needed in any way. This is not a necessary perk and is an awful incentive to grind the days away to get a high level in a job.

I believe lvl 75 should hold some importance to hellworker. For many of us grinding the high scores we have bases in the nether. And as many of you know, building in the nether is near impossible due to lava. Water cannot be used to turn to obsidian, and sponges don’t soak lava. Some sort of solution to cleaning lava, giving more of an incentive to terraform the nether would be an excellent addition!

I’m not sure the logistics behind this, but in my mind I see a few different options.

Access to a bucket that soaks ten blocks at a time. Non tradable, and only spills on block at a time. Only usable in the nether, this would take away the potential grief storm that would sure to bombard us.

A sponge that could soak lava. This seems simple enough, again non tradable, for nether use only.

(this one seems much more unlikely) the ability to use water in the nether.

As you can see there are tons of creative ways of reworking this skill to make it fit just right into the job community. Maybe even give new commers a choice other then mining.

I really appreciate the time anyone took to read this, and if I could ask, please keep the comment structured. I put time into this, not only to help me, but potentially help the server.

Thank you guys!


Staff member
Great post! As a digger the amounts of glowstone I get is ridiculous and also useless once you get at least 4-5 stacks (you really don't need much more unless you're doing a big build). I always thought it would be a good idea to implement it into a job so it has a complimentary job (such as herdsman/farmer is to cook). The only thing I think isn't too great of an idea is rtp in the nether. The nether is so erratic that its pretty difficult to say if you'll end up in lava or stuck inside the wall. Then again I don't know how /rtp calculates where you will land so it may be possible.