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Hey, I'm Collector.
I'm sure most of you know me, but since the forums have been deleted, I thought I may as well re-make my intro.
I've been playing on server's owned by SirK since July 6th 2017. On that day, I joined my friends (Blackbriarmead, Finntime352, and Geekalik) on the server. The server was very similar to Azertu, with jobs and mcmmo and towny and all that stuff. At first, I was very much a noob. Tbh still am. Over time, though I slowly became a more advanced player, and was involved with the server quite a lot. To this day, even in my times of inactivity on that server, I have done every single event since the 2017 summer event.
Around September or something of 2017 (or something like that, I can't remember) SirK left the server because the other co-owner was
evil. I'll reffer to him as "N". In December, I started my record of finding op things, and then getting in trouble for using them. Blackbriarmead had discovered that the alchemy job on the server was seriously overpowered. I quickly joined him, and was making ridiculous amounts of money from partially automated dropper brewers. After about a month, the method was discovered, and the job was nerfed. Mead was #1 on baltop with $40 million, and I was at the General rank, which would be about the equivilant of Duke on Azertu. Most of Mead's money was taken, and I was demoted to Marquis, which would also be Marquis on Azertu, and eventually made my way back up to Duke, which would be Regent on Azertu before finally becoming inactive. You may notice a very similar story later on in this post. My jobs on the server were (well, still are) 75 hunter, 65 Miner, 65 Blacksmith.
Around late December, I was starting to get bored of the server. Mead had been perm beaned for causing trouble when towns were reset, and he had posted a picture of his old balance before alchemy had been nerfed in the town bal recovery thing (because he was still salty about alchemy), not really expecting anything to come of it. Finntime had been perm beaned for an incident with hdb trump heads, and geekalik was no longer active. So none of my friends were playing any more, and the entire server had become rather boring. So, when word got out that SirK was opening a new server, all 4 of us were very happy of the new opportunity that awaited. Both Finntime and Mead were later unbeaned. Finn never plays anymore, but Mead is playing there actively again.
I found out about Azertu on December 27th, 2017, and have been a member of the discord and forums since then. I had the first post in introductions in the old forums too, by the way.
On January 26th or 27th (I can't remember, sometime around then) the server was opened to a few players for closed beta testing. I was at school when that happened (heck) so I did not get to participate. Blackbriarmead did get to though.
On January 28th 2018, the server opened for open beta testing. It was the beginning of AzertuMC.

By the time the server had opened, I had been waiting for quite a while, and making a plan of what I would do. If you remember the meme that was !release you are og.
I woke up that day to see the long awaited discord announcement that the server had opened. I had never opened minecraft faster. The beginning of any server is very chaotic. No one really knows what is going on, prices of items change wildly, and people are competing very intensely in low level jobs. I logged on, and was #53. When I first joined the server, I had a plan. It was to find a mesa. I rtp'd around main world for quite some time until, eventually, I did find a mesa. I set a home in a nice location of it. I then proceeded to earn money as fast as I possibly could. This was the point where I found my first bug on the server. Hellworker used to pay for killing nether mobs, and (intentionally) stacked with hunter pay. On top of that, spawners (unintentionally) paid 100%. I happened to find a blaze spawner in the nether, and also happened to be both a hellworker and a hunter. I was killing blazes for a while, making some really good money. That was quickly discovered and nerfed, and my job stats reduced. If I remember correctly, though, my money wasn't taken. I had probably gotten like 1k from that which was quite a significant amount at the time. I believe #1 on baltop had something like 15k. I then worked on digger, as the store had not been released yet, and the only instamine tools that you could get were shovels. With the help of Mead and Finn (Geekalik as well, I think) I was able to get to Lodger, and have enough money to afford to make a town. For some reason, I can't quite remember why, I decided to anger daniel. On the previous server, Daniel is (and has been for a very long time) known as the "Farm Guy". I knew that obviously, he would be making farm here as well, and I wanted to mess with him. I made the town of farm. Of course daniel was immediately angry (he even rage quit). Later that day, Jessila, the admin made an agreement with mead and I to change the town name, and let daniel to have it for 5k (which was a lot back then). I split it with mead. Later I felt bad and gave daniel back my share of the money. As soon as the new farm was created, we were immediately townybanned.
One of my original goals for the server was to be the first to the end. Of course no one got there the first day, with spawn rates being turned down. The 2nd day of the server, I had school, and when I got back, whadayaknow, someone had beat me to the end. This made me quite mad. I did immediately visit the end, and bridge around the end looking for cities. When I had finally found one, I looted it and got around 50 shulker shells and a dragon head. Around this time I was messaging daniel about making up for me taking his town name. When I renamed my town from farm, I changed it to "Infinity"; the name of a town owned by a well-know member on the previous server. He said that I was wrong to take any town name from people (not arguing with that), so I was looking up the command to change the name when he had found me (in the end, afk) and killed me. I was already angry about not being the first to the end, but this really made me mad. I was tempted to quit the server right then and there. Glad I didn't, tough.
I kept going with digger and builder, and was progressing nicely. I was one of the top in both jobs. Funny story-Townsman used to get a playervault, and novice got /ec, but the 2 were later switched, and I happened to be townsman when it did. So I temporarily lost access to all the contents of my pv. That was pretty funny.
Shortly after I changed town names, I decided to make a ghast darkroom. I was buying cobblestone at my spot in the mesa, in a magma box. I worked on the ghast farm for a full day, and had it completely finished by the 3rd day of the server being open. I got rid of my town spawn at the mesa, and since outposts are 50k, that was waaaay too much at that time of the server, so I just disbanded my town, and remade it at the ghast farm instead. On the 4th day of the server; Feb 2nd, the server officially opened, and the store did too. I got the Harpy rank, a reforged shovel, bow, and sword on the server's opening day. I still have the bow and the shovel, possibly some of the oldest on the server.

I'll add more to this later, I have a lot of stories to tell.
On a side note...
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Nice to see you collector ;) Hope you're having fun on the new website and on the server!


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I have always been curious although somehow I'd always known that their was trouble with another co-owner as Sirk seems to be a pretty cool guy. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share these details Collector. I'd love to read more about your experiences when you get time, you have a very interesting approach to story writing and I enjoy it.

It's nice to meet you officially,