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Hi guys. I've actually been on the server for about a month but figured I should probably start doing a bit more than lurking around the forums. You guys probably know me as wwii1992, I'm Russian (я русский), but in college in the USA. Sometimes I am on discord, I am the guy who cannot say porcupine correct (my greatest failure). I try and be pretty friendly, if anyone has any questions just letme know. I like to mine a lot, and I hope to see you all around! Thanks!


Staff member
Nice to meet you pal! I have sold gold and diamonds to you on occasion. :)


Grandmaster Contributor
Happy to see you're enjoying the server! :D Hope life in the U.S. isn't treating you too badly. Anyways, see you on the server sometime!
Can't complain too much about it. It's pretty alright here, a bit of a different culture but besides the occasional "commie" comment everyone is pretty nice here. :D