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As I was skimming through the forums looking to see if the build competition winners had been announced, I stumbled across the intro section and I'd just like to say hello to all of you. I've met a lot of you guys in-game through business or jobs/building/artistry and it's been great. First starting out on the server, I found myself a small, isolated acacia forest island and got to work building the city of Mirkwood, which was inspired by a city that I built with friends back in 2012. I haven't really played much MC since those days so it's great to be back. If you've seen the LOTR series you might be familiar with the cities of Mirkwood, which are some hella cool elven cities, and they sort of helped me to conceive the idea. /t spawn mirkwood, always feel free to come out

Also, I'm a graphic design student from Minnesota and I work part-time doing graphic design and manufacturing work for a small company retailer. I grew up here in MN and I love it here.. Aside from that I look forward to being on the server with you all and I'll cya around!


Grandmaster Contributor
Happy to see you're enjoying the server! I hope to see you in-game and such! :D