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I started playing this server because I was looking for a good fun towny server. I found many servers and one thing one me over. The job perks on this server. I have lots of recommendations for the server that will make it much more enjoyable. I Started without a town but then I saved every last buck until I ranked up to apprentice and had 50,000 moneys. I started my town on winter solstice and deposited 45,000 money into the town bank, so i have no worries about the town upkeep. I deposit about and extra 5,000 every hour I play. I am to have a fun and strong town. If my recommendations has into the server it will make me very happy because then I will be able to keep playing on the server even if i do complete all my personal goal. I left my recommendations in the suggestions part of this site. I have been playing Minecraft since July 28th of 2014 and I really enjoy the game.


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Hello UntitledEpicness! So happy you found our server and that you are liking it. :D


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I just realized I never said hello and welcome to the server! My apologies! But I hope you're enjoying and to see you on sometime! :D