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It is I, DarkestKnight or as more might know IG as Banjo... (points if you get the reference), a part of Spiral Mountain in which I'm all by myself (got the reference yet?) ...and in the nation with the best emperor, Underland!

I am Australian, a farm hand and only 22 and before you mention it, yes Australia exists... or does it??!! Oooohh conspiracy theory!

Been here for a couple of months now after a long break from Minecraft and due to Azertu, the Xbox has been getting dusty.... Sooo if i make a dumb comment on something new, please tell me either a) what it is or b) to stop being a lazy bastard and look it up myself!

I look forward to seeing you/working with you/stealing your heads!
Hello Underland Sibling :devilish:

Cool to meet you dude, my head will not be available I'm afraid.


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Haha Hai Dark!
Nice to see you here and no i dont get the reference im afraid xD


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thats why lmao. never really played it xD