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Hi guys! I'm Hedgiecapped Handhog, but my friends call me hedgiecapped or hedgie.
I'm a handicapped hedgehog, hence the name. I have a lot of neurological issues that leave me at home most of the time, so I love making online friends.
I am the mayor of the town FishBurrow, and I love to fish.
I have played minecraft since 2012, and I have played video games most of my life. I am a grown up, even though I hate acting like it. I love my town and the people in it, and I started it with my irl boyfriend, TamerofBurrowers.
If you see me online, feel free to shoot me a message! I would love to chat. :)


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Hello Hedgie.

I hope youre able to make a lot of friends here on Azertu and Fishburrow seems like its growing so good job :D
Welcome to Azertu :p


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Fishburrow is a great town, full of great people. I couldn't feel stronger about the amazing group that live there. Hedgie may be strict on her water usage, but she sure is a great landlord. :p

(Be nice to her, she has a shark)