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Hello Everyone!

Today we are opening a new Build contest! The Halloween Build Contest. (Very cool IKR!)

| How to submit your entry?
To submit your build to the contest simply make a new thread in the "Halloween contest" Forum with the following info:
  • Your in-game username & optionally those of your partners in crime.
  • The coordinates of the build you would like to submit. (coordinates can be found by using the f3 key)
  • [Optional] Provide a few screenshots...

| Contest Rules:
  • You may enter the contest solo or in a team. (prizes will only be paid once. If you enter as a team youll have to split the rewards.)
  • The theme of your build MUST be related to Halloween.
  • Your build cannot be an already existing build. It has to be build fresh. (We will check when the build was started, don't try to play the system.)
  • Your build must be build in the Main World. (if it's not claimed people will be able to grief. CLAIM YOU BUILD)
  • You have till November 3th, 11.59 PM to submit your entry. (Any submission after will be automatically disqualified.)
  • ALL builds must be yours. (If your builds are found online for example, you will be disqualified from the contest)
  • Judges will review your builds using the default texture pack. (Please use the default textures of Minecraft.)

| Prizes:
  • 1st Place: $5.000.000 Ingame Cash + 5 Relic Crystals
  • 2nd Place: $2.500.000 Ingame Cash + 3 Relic Crystals
  • 3th Place: $1.000.000 Ingame Cash + 1 Relic Crystal

| Want to become a judge?
More information about how to become a judge can be found: HERE.

We would like to say good luck to everyone who participating and may the best builder win!
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