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had not realised i'd neglected making an intro thread, but yo what's up? my name's kaito or kai, but i'm more commonly known as Weavile (pronounced wea-vyle, not wea-vill!!!) or VARXenhal. im a digital and traditional artist in the uk currently studying digital media design at university! i really enjoy video games such as league of legends, persona 5, armello, mc, splatoon and smash! i also watch a select few animes such as KLK, PASWG, BNHA, Haikyuu and MP100!

i'm almost always tired, but I try to make every day a good experience for myself and people around me! i'm diagnosed with ADHD, so i can be a little over the top or energetic. oh and I love persona 5.
did i tell you i like persona 5?


id marry ryuji sakamoto

see you on the server!


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Happy to see you on the server! I hope you continue to enjoy for many months/years! :D


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Hey nice to see you finally made an intro ;)
Nice to meet you weavile and hope youll stay for a loooong time :p