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I'm new to this server, but not new to towny servers! I am hoping to find a new place where I can come home from work and play with friends until I pass out from exhaustion. :')​
Name : DearAmbelina

Nicknames : Fishy, Ambe, Bambi, Ambs

When I'm Online : Around 10am CST - Around 2 AM CST

Age : 20+

Relationship? : Married. ♥

Job : Freelance Illustrator, Spokesperson for my local Humane Society, and Customer Service Representative at VF Outlet.

Hobbies : Crafts, Digital Art, Music, Browsing YouTube/Netflix/Hulu, Sleeping, Napping, etc.

Appearance : Literally my MC skin. Pixels and all. Click to see my beauty in all it's glory.

Spirit Animal : Rabbit -- Timid, easily frightened, and short attention span, but also playful, friendly, and easily excited.

Favourite Colour(s) : Anything pastel!

If you'd like to know more about me, I guess you can message me here or in game?
Here's to high hopes for Azertu! ♥​


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Welcome to Azertu! I hope you enjoy your stay on the server! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the server or on the discord. I can say from experience that I thoroughly enjoy coming home from work to spend hours on Azertu :D
Hi o/. Im skull. Welcome. My spirit animal is Coypu because they're adorable but also destroying everything. Look at it


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Good to see you on Azertu! I know you from the server before this one. ;)


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Welcome to Azertu! Same time zone so maybe I will run into you at some point.


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Welcome Ambelina. Great to see you on the server :D Hope you will enjoy it here!