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Rejected Give mob/animal heads a use.

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Even if it's just the lowest level of "fuel" to burn them in a furnace I feel they should have some use besides only decoration. Perhaps even something like herders and hunters getting a little EXP off turning them in and reducing their drop rate.

At the moment i'm throwing away stacks of them which seems a tad silly.

Personally, I think herdsman and hunter gets enough exp/money as it is.


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A) I don't think it's possible to use them as fuel due to ways vanilla Minecraft works.
B) /hdb for more mob heads.
C) Herdsman and Hunter are balanced with the rest of the jobs on AzertuMC.


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I guess i'll just keep throwing them away
Or you can just spread your inv of the specific item you're grinding, with weapon of choice in 1st slot and food in offhand. Then you won't have the trouble of accidentally picking the heads up


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Or you can use them like Lazaurus said for decoration, I personally have about 30 heads in my room, for no reason ( all sheep heads) xD
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