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Hey fellow townies! I am IreIia. I joined February 5th (I think lol) and since then I've been LOVING the server! Friendly community and the staff team has helped me tremendously since I've returned to Minecraft for over a year! Everyone in general has been very helpful to me and I would love to get involved more with the community! I try my best to be very friendly to all players as I will respect everyone the way I would like to get in return.
A little about myself, I game a lot. It's probably my passion at this point since ALL my free time goes to it, haha! I do love sports as well, I grew up playing a lot of volleyball, softball, and hockey so I may come off as competitive. I love to chit chat with anyone willing to talk. I also watch ALOT of professional League of Legends ESports as a hobby. I truly believe that I'm a nice person and a great friend! Im always open to help out anyone and everyone if I can!
Thanks so much if you read all this! I really enjoy the server and the community and I do plan on staying for as long as I can!


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Welcome to Azertu! I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
Welcome IreIia!
Much like you, I'm also a new member and I share the same impressions as you :giggle:
Gaming and sports are great hobbies to have

I hope that you manage to have tons of fun here!


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Happy to see you are enjoying the server! Hope to see you in-game more! :D


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Welcome to Azertu! Happy to see you are enjoying the server! Hope to see you in-game more! And I hope you enjoy your stay. :D