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Full Inventory Notification

good idea?

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I am a miner and it is very annoying to have a full inventory and think that I've picked up some diamonds, when really I've just left them behind.

There should be a notification that could come up as a title or chat message saying 'Your inventory is full'
I think this would be very helpful, especially for miners and farmers as it will let us know when we need to empty our inventories.

As for those who wouldn't like this feature, I suggest a /notifications command, which could open up a GUI where you can select to turn off different notifications, like the full inventory notification or the announcements. (This feature could even be in the /chat menu)​
Sounds like a very nice quality of life feature that would be useful for the jobs listed above. I approve of this idea


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I think there's something similar to this already implemented with crafting; Nonetheless, I'd like to see this as well


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Would be a nice feature, but it isn't in any way a critical feature. Anyone who have played Minecraft knows that at some point, your inventory will be full, and that you have to empty it then. Not a big deal, in my opinion :)

But, if it is to be developed on the server, maybe the devs could get inspiration from this old plugin:


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I think if this is going to be added for miner and related jobs, then there should also be some sort of customizable item-filter which can allow you to restrict certain items from flowing into your inventory.
/itemfilter add Cobblestone
>> You're no longer going to pick up cobblestone!
/itemfilter list
>> Cobblestone
/itemfilter remove Cobblestone
>> You're now able to pick up cobblestone!
/itemfilter list
>> No items are filtered.


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I think this was actually added so eh​