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Rejected Fix the /speed Perk with beacons

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I'd like a fix where the /speed perk will not disappear when going near a beacon with speed selected. if that makes sense. Its just annoying to have to retype /speed when going to the market or a town.


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This would be nice, however at least to my knowledge, I do not know if this is actually possible. This is also common for other potion effects that armour or command-based effects imitate. I do agree, however that it can be a tad annoying.


Staff member
I believe, at some point before, some players have also talk about this. Therefore, we will look at what can we do here.


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This happens with all runes and beacon effects. A current solution over re-equipping your gear is to use the /clear command. Normally, running this command would clear both your inventory and effects. Here, it only clears your effects.


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This is an issue in Vanilla Minecraft and this was patched in Minecraft 1.15.2

When we update the server eventually this should be fixed.
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