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Fishing is underused in Minecraft. Therefore I propose a poll for a fishing job!

I'm not quite certain about the exact perks for it other than level 25 for a 10% fishing bonus.
any other suggestion for Level 50 and level 75?

Don't forget to participate in the poll for a chance in a new job :3


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hmmm, imma actually argue against this post. so my question is why it's being rejected.
another proposition then adding getting paid to fish to a different job such as herdsmen, farmer or lumberjack and changing the name to outdoorsmen.

I think it should be tested, or thought of instead of getting an instant rejection. If there have been multiple times it's been suggested then why not try it out? if it doesn't work so be it. There's a lot of people that don't mind having getting paid for fishing. Besides, I opened the proposition to an admin and they said to make a suggestion about it. clearly other posts don't really argue/ dive into why it's being rejected but I will.
If exploiting is an issue, ban the people that exploit wheres the issue in banning people that exploit?
same with people that are miners then x-ray they are exploiting just saying :p


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Here are additional posts I originally missed that have been suggested before. It seems that for 1.12, it is not worth until the server is updated to a future version. As for exploits, there is no point to add a job to exploit many exploits which fishing does have, alike with brewing.

I am interested in a fishing job, however with many previous suggestions for it (And Killian himself stating to stop previous suggestions), I am sure the administration is aware of fishing being a wanted job for some but does not see this as something that can be done currently efficiently.

However, fishing does earn its own money with fish prices in addition to a custom drop chances from fishing to which you can find here in addition to other McMMO tips.

Additional Post:


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yeah the fisherman job has been requested several times not just on this forum also on the lost forum.
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