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A job idea I had was "fisherman"
you get money/xp for getting fish.

perks could be like:
Lvl 25: 10% fishing MCMMO bonus
Lvl 50: 20% fishing MCMMO bonus
Lvl 75: Permanent water breathing
This is probably the 4th or 5th time ive seen a thread on this and honestly I would love it being one of the main buyers of fish around rn but I doubt this thread is going to end any different


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I as well would like a Fisherman job, however, I know it's been rejected a few times in the past. Only other thing I could think with it is to add it to herdsman, but it'd be a bland and boring job in itself.


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As the other threads about fish jobs. Its nothing that will be implemented now. If it will be a job, it will be when the server is 1.14.
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