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I rather enjoy fishing (lvl 691 atm) and would love to have a fisher job added so that its much more feasible to grind for money. Maybe give some perks like higher chance to get treasure from fishing, free rod repair like digger has and maybe a 10% bonus to mcmmo exp for fishing.


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also for those I talked with about afk fishing being an issue there are things in place already plus traps can kill off people trying it. as it stands its no less exploitable then farming or cooking for afk money. I mean for goodness sake all they need to do to combat this is have it pull out mobs occasionally that attack just the player and don't despawn in towns. after talking to sir salad I came up with a bait system that may also help[
you could craft some different farmable mats like say wheat and sugar maybe into an item that you would need to apply to your rod every so many fishing attempts or even maybe consume it for simplicity sake

but instead of it being a consistent number of attempts have it give you a random unknown range of attempts inside a certain amount
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Incidentally, I'm gonna attack another one of your posts because I see the flaw in this idea from a mile away.

The server is currently version 1.12.2, which is a whole consolidated version before the ocean/underwater update. There's loads more content in that, which would fulfil having a fishing job on the server. The problem is, future versions of minecraft past 1.12.2 are full of bugs and incompatibility issues to no end. There is no immediate resolution for updating the server to 1.13 until a more stable and sustainable release of 1.13 (or above) is ever to come out.

Coming back to the job, other jobs on the server have plenty of variables and alternate methods to earning money and xp. Fishing doesn't have much or any variety at all as far as 1.12.2 is concerned. I could personally suggest killing guardians, placing blocks underwater, placing/removing water itself; but there's a point when tasks such as these go far from the definition of that job.

Again, sorry, but free rod repair sounds like the most useless perk I've ever heard. Unbreaking 3 + Mending on a fishing rod whilst fishing = your fishing rod will never meet an anvil ever again, EVEN when wearing a full set of mending enchanted armor.


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No worries, this actually makes a lot of sense. up to this point all people have been saying against it is its too afkable which compared to stuff like cooking isn't much of a counter argument. On the point about alternate methods they always merge it into say hunter which from what i can tell really Isn't worth doing atm compared to other jobs. plus they could keep it minimal and make more of something to make a little money but not like fund you for everything.


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Personally, I'd like to see something done with fish; It would be a fun, unique addition to the server! However, I'm not sure about the Fishing job. As you all mentioned, it is very afk-able and abusable in comparison to the jobs we have now, I'm just not sure if this will be added because of there being previous suggestions very similar to this all leading to the same conclusion. (Denied)

Counter Suggestion: Fishing contests.


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This suggestion has been rejected multiple times. Please don't make duplicate suggestions.
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