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I was wondering if anyone thought it was a good idea with a drop filter.

Personally i love the plugin and it goes hand in hand with Jobs plugin too.

Plugin works by using a simple command to blacklist items from being picked up.

This mean that you can avoid picking up all of that annoying zombie meat or cobblestone without having to manually remove it from your inventory.

Theres an entry for spiggot here ábout how the plugin works.

Simple and effective.


Theres also a variant of the mod that lets you instantly delete selected stuff that you pick up (i think its called void filter) which also helps the server not lagging out cause of high amounts of entries needing to be cleared up. But i only had experience with the actual drop filter.

See you in game :)
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Freaking I've been asking for this for sooo long!!! I really would like this so I can't filter out poisonous potatoes, we could even like make this a donator only thing or a rankup perk but just please add it!!!


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I guess the only thing against this is that you can somewhat do it yourself depending on your task. What I mean by that is for example, when I mine, I fill my inventory with the blocks I want. That way, I not only don't pick up the blocks I don't want, but also makes it easier to see how many ores I really have. I suppose the same could be done with farmer where you fill in your inventory with one potato in each slot. That's just my small take, but This would be a neat thing as it does make it a bit easier.

As for the void filter part, the server already groups entities were I think decreases the lag a lot already, and I don't think that void filter would solve the issue anymore than that already has.

That's just my take on it. :D
Exactly Killa,

Im filling each slot now with 1 of the things im mining to avoid picking up random crap.

But yeah, multiple jobs will benefit from this but its more of a high tier thing (High tier luxury issue really xD), so putting it as a rank perk might not be a bad idea :)

Void filter is purely for mass production purposes. Instead of having clearlagg destroy entities on certain intervals, you would have the mass entity producers like miners or farmers constantly clear the shit up themselves. I still get to areas where my loot hasnt been cleared yet cause its out of load range. Which means ill amass alot of entities. With the void filter delete, you lessen the strain on server within the intervals instead of fixed times. Not that it really matters on this server, cause it seems to have invested in some decent server-stats :p I rarely experience any kind of lagg, unless 211 bots log on and spam N-words.. xD

I know void is for spiggot and buckit, but im not sure about the item filter one. And I dont know what the server runs to be honest xD


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if this was a thing, I would suggest instead of a blacklist on hoppers and such, a whitelist to allow certain items to come through, and prevent items you can't even think of from going through.
Its an inventory thing, not hopper thing. Makes you not able to pick up certain things you put in a hotbar. So if you put in cobble, apples and poison potatoes, you wont pick those up into your inventory. Nothing with hoppers to do :)


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We have looked in to quite a few things like this but it doesnt really work since its quite heavy on the server so sadly this wont be added.
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