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Donor ranks vs Rank Ranks

Why do these perks not stack...? I don't see why I have to pay 150k to get to citizen and get nothing from it because I bought wraith... I think the homes(If they don't) and especially player vaults should stack from donor ranks and regular ranks. One of the helpers said it was because it was "Unfair" but I really don't see how that works. I bought the rank and it doesn't exactly say "Donor and Regular ranks don't mix" plus the Regular ranks say "Extra Player Vault" and "Extra Sethome".


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You get perks for getting ranks, and perks for your bought rank; it would be unfair if you got extra perks for a just because you have purchased b. The server, i assume, is trying to keep this a free-to-play, not a pay-to-win.
I mean, extra sethomes and player vaults isn't pay to win. Up until I bought wraith like, a day ago, I didn't even use sethomes. I just think it should either say it in the store, or honestly just let those people have the extra things. Also, does anyone know if homes stack from job perks?


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It does say that "
  • Total of 10x /Sethome
  • Total of 6x /playervault

So with Wraith rank, you will have a total of 10 /sethomes and 6 /pvs.


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The ranks you buy are only there for you if you dont want to wait till you get ranks ingame. Like a boost.