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Does anybody want to own Town E, The enchant Center?

I wasn't directly involved with the PVP fight that is making quite a few players leave. But to my understanding, the issues in this are revolving around Thyv. I do not want to be on a server where a staff member can act like this, for me this gives a bad rep to the server and the staff team, as even when they are playing on the server, the Staff should not be disrespectful/gloatful.

But Now to my point. I will most likely leave to join my friend who introduced me to this server, onto another server. And I want someone to take hold of /t spawn E so the town and all my hard work doesn't end up going to waist. I am not charging anything for it, I just want to know the person I choose to be in charge is active, and respectful to the town and the server. And can take care of everything like I have. Whoever decides to take this role, will also get all my belongings, such as armor, and gear.


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When people agree to PvP, if they dont agree before hand that the items and head is to be returned. The one who kills the person is free to keep them. HOWEVER if any rules were broken, such as TP/Trap or spawn killing. then the items are to be returned.
No such rules were decided on this PvP fight. The players killed AND ThyV has confirmed this. That players get upset that they die is to be expected but if you 1: Dont soulbound your items you go in to PvP with or 2: Set rules for the fight. There is really no reason to be upset except at yourself for walking in to a PvP fight like that.

For me I died earlier today by Edric and we had no rules set so i lost my head. However i got it back due to Rubix. I was a little sad since it was the first one to drop, ever. from a PvP fight. But i only had myself to blame. i plan on giving Edric the head next time i see him because he earned it.

And showing the items in chat after winning them like that is fine. No matter if you are staff or not.


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If this is in refrence to the fight with me and Rubix, I was far from what you would call disrespectful or gloatful, The fight took place in the /t spawn end arena, where I was fighting some other people, he came along and joined in, he died to me once and droped the hades bow, and then came back again to fight me and droped the Elven Axe, he had not had them soulbound, so I took them, as you dont have to give item back unless its a unfair kill or otherwise agreed upon, I showed them in chat after I had picked them up, and was curious as to how I had got them, not to brag about getting them.

Him being upset about dying and losing items that were not soulbound, is not a reference to my position as staff, nor my actions after a pvp fight. I am a player, the same as others, when it comes to actual game play, I dont consider my position as staff at all. I play the game, just like everyone else does.
There was more then the PVP thyv and pawler, ive been thinking to leave for about 2 weeks now, and join my friend on another towny server. Some other issues I see with the server alot is the lag, as well as the servers inability to update as it would break a lot of the things in the server. The pvp fight and the hearing about the toxicity that followed, It pushed me to decided to leave. I deal with too much toxicity in my life, and don't need it in a server I play online. So once I find someone to take town E off my hands, Ill be leaving for another towny server with my friend who introduced me to this one


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I explained the situation to you since you called him out on it directly. Considering what actually happened i found it unfair and wanted to clear up the situation.
If you want to leave due to other situations, thats fine but dont blame it on other people.
Yes i see there is toxicity too on the server but thats something we as staff try and deal with every day.

The lag is nothing compared to some other servers and imo is fine esp considering everything Killian is doing to try and lessen the lag every single day. He always thinks of new ways or something he can add/remove to help with the lag.
If you mean "update" as in to 1.13 then yes, we wont update until the plugins are stable enough which they still arent at this point.

Im sad to see you go but i wish you the best of luck and that hopefully one day you might come back!