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My question is what is /disenchant really good for? I can see no advantage in this command, if enchants would go from tool to book, that would make sense. Right now its useless or I simply dont know something and if thats so please correct me.
I kind of agree with this. The only use I could really find with it is perhaps I got an enchant on a piece of armour and did not want to remake it or didn't have the resources, so I could just take the enchants off and re-enchant. But that's the only thing I could think of, which doesn't help when diamond blocks aren't hard to come back at all.
I completely agree - I'm not saying that it should go from tool to book, but right now /disenchant is completely useless
/disenchant is used if im right on swords, tools, and armor that have gone through a enchant table way to many times, and have a too high exp cost to be able to enchant past it. /disenchant will wipe the enchants off as well as bring it back with the counter of 0 times through a anvil bringing it back to basically the state it was when just made. but that is the only use I see, and only good for cheap enchanted items
Indeed. I feel like I am missing something, but I just do not see what else it could be used on that makes it an "ok" perk. I think I've used to once just to do it to a random diamond sword, just to throw it in my chest and keep it in there.