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Heyo there!

Do you have Destiny 2 Foresaken?

If you do, Comment down below you Name and Battle Tag and I will invite you to my clan! The only thing I ask is only ask for a position for the clan if you have already beaten Foresaken.

Info about our clan:
Our clan name is Volentee Fire Department, VFD for short. We only have 3 members as of right now, that's only because I don't want strangers in our clan. So therefore, I am asking YOU!

Requirements to join:
  • Must have Foresaken
  • Must have Completed Foresaken
  • Power must be above 500 (if you are below 500 we still might add you though, we will carry you.)
Application Format:

IGN and Battle Tag:

If you want any other information about the clan, comment a question down below!

Happy Hunting

(also please don't like smack talk Destiny in here create another forum)