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Thats the custom enchant list for tools other than pickaxe(RIP Telepathy). I think thats enough said.

1. I think telepathy should come back
2. Anti-Poison: Stops farmers from getting poison potatos.
3. Something that gives fortune on all crops(Wheat, beetroots, etc)(Im a farmer, a lot of these will be farming related)
4. Maybe something allowing farmers to break crops in like, 2x2 or 3x3 squares?
5. Same thing for miner ^^^^

Sorry for not many ideas, Im uncreative, but you guys can post below with comments and/or suggestions of your own :D!
Originally there was a trait called excavation which allowed for 2x2 or 3x3 mining/farming/digging. Might not be this plugin, but ive seen it before as a custom enchant.
Yeah, a lot of people have probably coded the same plugins over and over. Idk if Sirk(Or if someone else coded them) got the code from somewhere or coded it themselves. Regardless its definitely doable.
More custom enchants would be great (including being able to obtain the Firework custom enchant on the firework bow XD. but you only stated possible solution for jobs. Instead, see what there is that would be great on tools. and suggest that instead, as Anti-poison seems like a job perk and not a CE.
Well I stated them for hoes... Idk about the other tools, but those would be good custum enchants for hoes. But my focus is tools, bows swords and armor have a ton of enchants and don't need any more