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Hey there! I make custom banners :p

I can do anything from Alphabet letters to country flags and even custom made town flags!

my username is Etsey, so if you would like something, do /mail Etsey with the following:

For Alphabet Letters (Spellings of words)
/mail Etsey Alphabet: *Word you want spelled out* , *colour of background*, *colour/s of the letters*

Note: Black ink is actually pretty expensive, as you have to kill a squid to get it. If you want something with black letters, I may either charge you more or request for you to supply the ink sacs I need

For Country Flags
I have a shop at /t spawn Vegas where I currently sell the following: United Kingdom Flags, USA Flags, England Flags, Scotland Flags, France Flags, Germany Flags and Belgium Flags (there are more coming soon I guess i'll update this post when I get more in)

/mail Etsey Country Flag: Country you would like, Quantity

Note: You may also mail me for flags that I currently have on sale if the store sells out, or if you would like a large quantity

For Custom Flags
/mail Etsey Custom Flag: What you want and how much you'd be willing to pay

My country flags in my store at /t spawn Vegas go for 1,000 per flag. This will probably change as i'm aware that's a lot of money for what is essentially wool and dye and a stick. But, banner making can become rather tedious as if you mess up the order of one single item, you have to start from scratch

Other Things To Note
> If i'm online, I'd prefer it if you were to still /mail me, just so I can keep track of what I am doing if there's multiple orders. However, if it's something simple like a country flag that I currently had on sale, chances are I'm already making more to stock up the shop, so feel free to simply send me a /msg and i'll get it to you ASAP
> Please feel free to post requests here (tell me if that's not allowed).
> I can get it done pretty quickly, but please don't rush me because there's more important things in life than banners in a game <3
> I live in the UK so I'm in GMT timezone, so if you're in a different time zone, please note that it might be like 4am where I am so I won't get back to you for a few hours.
> I have 100% customer satisfaction

Happy Shopping <3 xx