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In this post, I'd like to give lots of information on collectibles!
First: What is a collectible?
A collectible can be anything! You can make a collection of every vanilla item, or every unobtainable item. In this guide, I'll go over all of the collectibles that are either no longer obtainable or, in some cases, just very difficult to get.

I will also try to include some history of the items, such as events etc.

Also, I will include a rarity scale. This may not be entirely accurate, but it's my best guess.

1: None Known to Exist
2: One of a kind
3: 2-5 Known
4: 5-10
5: 10-25
6: 25-50
7: 50-100
8: 100+

With that being said, new collectibles are created all the time. I'll try to update this list as often as necessary.
If you would like to see these items in game, visit /t spawn ghast. I have a museum to the right of the town spawn with a (fairly) complete collection of things.

This is a Work In Progress Post, I will be adding all of the current known collectibles over the next month or so.

In the 2018 easter event, you could get easter eggs by breaking blocks. 10 easter eggs could then be traded with a villager at spawn to get an easter item. The Easter tools had a much lower chance to get than the armor.

Easter Egg (Power 5)- 6/7
Easter Helmet - 6
Easter Chestplate - 6
Easter Leggings - I swear I got half the easter leggings on the server. I was cursed with them during the event - 6
Easter Boots - 6
Easter Pickaxe - 4/5
Easter Rod - Only event rod on the server - 4
Easter Shovel - 4
Easter Sword - 4
Easter Hoe - 4
Easter Cleaver - 4
Easter Axe - 3/4
Easter Bow - 4
This was when I had just gotten my recording software, so this was my only clip from the Easter Event.
In the Halloween Event, you had to go through a dungeon, fight mobs, and go through various obstacles to earn one of 6 possible items.

Undead Organ (Power 1) - You had to collect 25 of these to continue to the next level in the event - 8
Haunted Ticket (Power 1) - Same as the previous - 8
Spider Legs (Power 1) - 8
Laser Key (Power 1) - 8
Pumpkin Pickaxe - 7
Howing Hoe - 7
Spooky Spade - 7
Slender Sword - 7
Bloody Bow - 7
Vex Head - Not technically an item from the event, there was just a bug where the vexes summoned by the boss dropped heads (this may also be an illegal item? Not sure xd) - 7
This is a run-through I did of the Halloween event. You could only kill the final boss once, so I don't have a video of fighting it.
In the 2018 Christmas event, you got gifts from killing mobs, and breaking/placing blocks. These gifts could be opened to get prizes. In addition to the prizes listed, you could also get 16 coal, 8 skill gems, a polar bear spawn egg, or ore seeds from the gifts.

Mystery Gift # - The gifts were numbered. I think the highest number the server got to was in the high 3000s. Certain numbers are more valuable, such as "Mystery Gift #420" etc. - Technically, since each has it's own number, 2
Christmas Coal - The grinch sometimes took your gift when you opened it, and gave you these - 8
Gingerbread Cookie - Gift reward. Gives a lot of saturation when eaten - 8
Firework Bow - Shoots festive fireworks where the arrows land - 5
Santa's Helmet - Extremely rare prize from gifts. Sirk dropped a full set (around half of the existing santa items) at spawn - 3
Santa's Chestplate - 3
Santa's Leggings - 3
Santa's Boots - One of a kind - 2
Santa's Pickaxe - One of a kind - 2
Santa's Chisel - 3
Santa's Bow - 3
Santa's Sword - One of a kind - 2
Santa's Spade - 3
Santa's Hatchet - 4
Santa's Scythe - None known :/ - 1
Here is a bit of a summary of the christmas event:
Taggers are items that put a colored symbol or text on an item's name.
Valentine Tagger (Power 10) - This tags items with a "". This was the first tagger on the server which you could get from /tagger on valentines day of 2018. When it was released it had a chance to tag with "" as well, however this was removed (on accident, but sirk was too lazy to fix it). The same tagger was also available during Valentine of 2019. - 7
Valentine Tagger (Power 10) - Same as the last, however the old taggers used to have the lore "Right Click to start tagging". This was changed, since the old taggers stopped working. Sirk swapped these out for the new version, but you could keep the bugged original if you chose. - 5
Easter Tagger (Power 10) - You got this from doing /tagger during the 2018 Easter Event. It tagged items with either "" or "". - 6
Easter Tagger (Power 10) - Again, exactly the same but with the "Right Click to start tagging" lore. - 5
Halloween Tagger (Power 10) - Obtained by right clicking every staff head in the Halloween Event dungeon. Tagged an item with either "" or "" - 6
Christmas Tagger - Sold in the Christmas Bundles on the server store during the 2018 Christmas Event. Tags items with "" - 6
Easter Tagger - Sold in the Easter Bundles during the 2019 Easter Event. Tags items with "Easter" - 5/6
Player heads, of course are all collectibles. There are so many players on the server, I can't list all the heads. Any player with an interesting username or any well known players' heads can sometimes be valuable. Some can even go for up to $2m-3m. On this post I'll only show current and previous staff heads.
Current Staff Heads:
SirKillian's head - big noob - 4
Volk_'s head - 5
Rhiannon13's head - 5
vKoro's head - 3
Alilybelle's head - 5
Ueni's head - 5
AislinStar's head - 5
DarkestKnight's head - 5
CosmicNightHawk's head - 5
bartselen's head - 4
Minstrol's head - 3
Past Staff Heads:
Work in Progress
This is an interesting one. Throughout the history of the server, many features have been removed. Some of these I will have in the "Illegal Items" section, because unlike those in this section, you aren't supposed to have them.

The "Right Click to start tagging" taggers were removed quite some time ago. I cover this in the "Taggers" section.
Repair gems:

Since the server opened, repair gems have been changed twice, because the lore was inaccurate/didn't make sense.
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wow this is interesting, nice job
its cool to see all the past event items and other rare stuff​
Very interesting post, I didn't even know my head was that rare I'll be honest.
*cough return the one you asked to "see" from me then proceeded to place cough*