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As a cook, i cant fit all my potatoes at once in my inventory to refill my furnaces. What i do to not waste time is put 4 stacks on the ground so i pick them up while filling. The thing is, i sometimes have to wait till clearlag or actually gotten potatoes deleted by it. My idea is a command to check when the next clearlag is, something similar to the vp command. Something small but quite useful for various situations. Tell me what you think.


Grandmaster Contributor
The idea of a command to see when clear lag is scheduled would be nice and useful.

Some people may only have one or two private vaults, which does not hold all your crops you harvest, assuming you are a rank (in-game) that has granted you those vaults.

But the suggestion itself is based on the command or ability to see the lag timer. This can help lumberjacks, farmers, and perhaps even miners and other jobs be more efficient by having the ability to see when clear lag goes off.

Hope my input helps. :D