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After a week a chest in wilderness should become public if they haven't been opened within the week time. As the player left it behind and the items inside should be of public use instead of taking up space. The reason why I say a week in wilderness is so people whos towns disbanded has a chance to grab there stuff from chest before someone can go after it.


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Some players go on vacations for more than a week without access to MC. If such a thing were to be implemented. The time of perhaps five months would be more suitable. Sometimes players just need a break and that five months can give enough time. But a week is way to short and now limits the amount of players you get on.

That is my opinion, however, since I've been a player who took a break for a month to focus on academics then returned back to a server when things settled down.
I actually like this. If your part of a town then it won't unlock your shit, so it doesn't matter if you leave for a long time if you notify the owner of the town. If you're the owner of the town and you can keep your town up for 5 months then you probably don't even have good stuff. There's a lot of chests in the wilderness and they probably shouldn't be there. A month at most, because who tf keeps good stuff in a chest in the wilderness? You'd be an idiot. If I were to quit playing now it would be 3 months before my town collapsed and then another 5 months before my chests were unlocked... I myself have tons of locked chests in the wilderness and wouldn't care if they were unlocked suddenly. If you leave for a month KNOWING all of your stuff is in the wilderness then come back and expect your chests to be there, your an idiot.


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I feel like the way that Azertu addresses this is fair. We never know why people go on long hiatuses, we just know they're gone. For example, collector has been here since the start, he has acquired SO many items accross this period of time. Let's say his PC breaks and he doesn't get another one for a year from now. He'd still have everything he worked hard for that was packed away in chests.

Our players invest a significant portion of their time working, I don't see how this would be fair in most instances. I'd be sad to lose all of my stuff.
Perhaps a better way to approach this suggestion would be to say that if a player has under X hours of playtime, their wild chests will be unlocked upon being inactive for 2 weeks to 1 month. This ensures that players who are unlikely to return - the new joiners from TopG for example - are the only ones who suffer. As your playtime increases, so does the length of hiatus you are given.


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As Snowy said, we don't do this because people go away for a while and they might come back. So we have the /clearprotections to get rid of the chests and the player can retrieve their items if they return. Speaking from experience, I rented a home at SirKillians town and I lived there for a while, then something came up I guess and I left for 2 months. SirKillian had to clear my plot because he thought that I wasn't coming back. After I came back he told me that all of my stuff could be retrieved using the command /claimprotections I think but I don't remember.
The reason why I was talking about this, as its 1: annoying to have to go through wild looking for empty areas, 2: finding one but then finding out the persons chest there are still active but they live in a town and just used these random chests as a means to help transfer items, and they are in fact empty, 3: the lag factor of having chunks loaded and unneeded protections causing more stuff


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Tbh i think this will never be implemented. We have /clearprotections for just this reason. If someone is still active but doesnt want to remove the chest. Just let staff know and we will remove the chests for you.
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