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Hello person that has decided to read this and is now already regretting so, please stay... Anyways! I'm KillaSnow, but you may also recognize me as Arthur on the Discord. I have recently joined the server, November 10th of 2018 I believe. Nonetheless, I am already enjoying my stay here on the server and continue to be on here for many months or years to come! Remember, Water Buckets are the bets weapons in the game; Use them with caution.

About Me:
I'm currently in Uni studying Information Technology Engineering. I've had a developing a interest in computers and networks over the past 10 years which has inspired me to not only go to University for this, but to also work in this field as soon as I had graduated.

Along with Uni, I also have multiple jobs, some being seasonal. My main job is as an IT Assistant. I work in a school district and have responsibilities that include but not limited to repairing student laptop machines, desktops, projectors, running cable, installing switches/patch panels, and cameras.

My other job is as a football (soccer) Assistant coach (Boys ages 14-18 for the same school. I primarily work with the goalkeepers and train them in various circumstances while also working on their footwork, distribution, communication, and reflexes. Additionally, I also help players understand their position and their responsibilities. This may include when to defend and how, hold-up play, inside runs through gaps, and more.

My favourite colour is orange, and my favourite football club is Manchester City. I've been a fan of them for a while, so I ain't on the bandwagon ;) . I enjoy doing math (weird I know) and subjects pertaining with Space. Music-wise, I enjoy all kinds from Panic! At the Disco to some mumble rappers on iTunes, to some relaxing chill tunes, to the upbeat party mixes...I really like whatever.

Minecraft History:
I've been playing Minecraft ever since I was twelve. I had originally started playing on mobile on Minecraft: Pocket Edition. After around a year or two's time, I switched over to Xbox where I learned a lot more. I started to play more with other players and had played on Xbox until 2014 where I got a PC and switch to Minecraft on Windows OS. The first server I had played on was called HuskyPixelmon (Closed a couple years later). After a few weeks of playing, I decided to apply for staff despite my inexperience and younger age. Despite these disadvantages, I had been accepted as Helper. This was the start of many. After a few years and working my way up to Head Admin on the third server and Senior Admin after a server-wide merge, the server closed down.

Right before the server had closed, the Head of Staff at the time told us we were welcome to come join the community on another server (No name will be provided due to technically being open) since she was apart of the administration of this server as well. I decided after a few weeks to join and get familiar with the players and staff until also applying for staff. After a few tests and an interview, I had successfully obtained the helper position. I went on to Admin in the Survival server of the network and after around a year or so, I left due to the administration problems.

After that server, I joined a friend on his server which was known as FearlessPixelmon (Closed). I first joined as a Water/Grass Gym Leader where I was promoted after a few months to the Head Purgatory Gym Leader (Psychic/Steel). My responsibilities here were to hire/fire leaders with administrative approval and to issue new leaders their teams. This would include editing the IVs for their pokemon (with limits) and their natures. After 4-6 months, I was promoted as a Gym Admin where I oversaw all gyms and the leaders that come with. Another few months went by, and I was promoted again to Head of Gyms, where I controlled to gym sector of the server. I was in charge of creating new teams when needed, along with their move-sets and supposed natures. The server switched to a Prisons server around 5-6 months later, where I became the Head of Staff. I was in charge of the staff sector and hired/fired staff when needed, along with trained the incoming staff. I stayed as the HoS until the server finally shut down 3-4 months later.

After this stint, I decided it was time for a break. The main thing I had done in Minecraft was be apart of the staff apparatus of a server. After this much time though, I was burnt out. I spent the next few months playing on an MMORPG server (Currently open, Name will not be provided) until I needed a break from Minecraft in general. I spent the next year taking a break and spending some time here and there playing Garry's Mod. Only until recently, I had the urge to play Minecraft again. However, due to my pickiness of servers, finding a place was difficult. Everything mattered; the players, the staff, the attitude, the game-play, the layout, the builds, the plug-ins, commands, all of this. After a few weeks of searching, I saw an ad pop up on a server-site about Azertu MC. I saw it said towny and said "lets give it a try" as I've never played on a Towny server before. Within the first 4-5 hours of playing that day, I knew this server was one I had been looking for. It met all my criteria. I may not have been here too long, but I know I'll be here now for the long run.

Thanks for reading about me! I know this must have seemed like a book, but I wanted to hit on all kinds of things about me. If you have any questions, give me a message when I'm online, /mail me (IGN is KillaSnow), or even give me a message on Discord.

If you enjoyed what you read (or part of it, this is super long), leave a like! I'll try post often!
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Wow, this is the longest introduction so far but im glad to see that you put so much effort in to it.

Hi Killa! Glad to see that you joined the forums and im glad youre staying on the server ;)
Wow, this is the longest introduction so far but im glad to see that you put so much effort in to it.

Hi Killa! Glad to see that you joined the forums and im glad youre staying on the server ;)
Thank you! Happy to have found the server. Even happier to enjoy it!