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There should be ways to mute nation chat and town chat. Sometimes you need peace when you are cooking.


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You can do: Esc > Chat Settings > Chat: set it to Hidden

This will hide the chat, you won't be able to type anything until you re-enable it but it will mute nation and town chat.


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I'm pretty sure you can mute chat with /chat


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As with the previous comments, if you would like the chat to be quiet, use the default Minecraft settings available to you. However, there have been times for myself where I would like to still chat in other chats but not see nation chat.

There have been times where my nation chat has just been exploded with a crap ton of people talking. It is a bit of a nuisance to have to leave the nation and be invited back later. Often times these types of chats come out of no where, and makes things a bit difficult if I'm trying to just talk in global chat or even trying to read some info within the chat.
I am not aware on how to do this, but I believe you can have chat filters with the 5zig mod. You can block out messages that you do not want to see (You can ask AlexisLestrange on how to do this.).


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With the current towny plugin this is not possible.

We will, however, add this possibility in our kingdom plugin.
Ill change the tag to accepted but this might take a while for it to be live on the server.
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