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Change out the March Crate Armor's "Hulk" perk...

Hey all!

New to the server...only about 28 hours in so far. That being said...I made a stupid mistake and bought the March armor, without realizing what the "Hulk" perk did. I assumed "hey, it's a premium armor set, and most of these enchants I recognize. Let's go for it."

Might as well have gone outside and lit fire to $25.

The hulk perk renders the armor completely useless for anyone that does anything outside of combat. It's slowness effect cannot be negated by any amount of potions or beacons.

Someone recommended that I use an axe, with the Blessing perk...but again that only activates during combat. I'm a builder/miner/farmer. I don't care for combat unless something sneaks up on me while I'm doing the aforementioned.

After realizing how useless it was for me, I tried to sell the stuff. January/February armor I've seen going for 300-400k per piece, so I tried selling it at that.


Dropped it to 200k. Crickets, again.

It's been sitting in there all day today at 100k, and nobody's touched it.

Anyone that has commented on me selling it has had the same reaction. "If it didn't have Hulk, I'd buy it."

Before anyone presumes it, I'm not asking for a refund, nor am I asking you to take my armor and swap it just for me. I should have known what Hulk does, before buying it. That was my goof. But hell, if you guys replaced the hulk perk with something useful, I'd probably waltz my butt back to the store and buy that one -- and more people would probably be jumping on the march crate. You're only a week into March. It's not too late to swap it, if my point resonates with anyone on the staff side.


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Hulk is useful, as you said, for PvP reasons. Hulk isn't in every monthly set, so if you don't like it, then no worries! Since December, this is the first time I've seen Hulk on the armour. However, we tried to variate the armour so it is not the same thing every month, thus Hulk came into play with the armour. However, the armour can be decent over a long-period of time. You can use it as a base set of PvP armour. If you don't PvP, you can always save it and sell it later on, as Monthly/event items typically sell for more a few months down the line. It's also very nice to collect.

I hope this helps! Remember with the Monthly Crate, you also get other items which in this month, featured a Relic Crystal, Spawner Spinner, Ore Seeds, a Beacon with a custom name, and a Shulker Box with a custom name. :D

EDIT: The perk won't be switched out.
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I might buy the set from you for 100,000 I just need to build up the money.


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You can actually remove the runestone effects if you fill your inventory and then shift click the armor while wearing it. It thinks you took it off, so it removes the runestone effects. This will disable all the runestones, but the normal enchants on it will work as usual.