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ok so here's the master plan

When a player joins they have to type a string of letters like 'iKbSdl4' in order to do things like commands and talk in chat

the captcha would be different every time

This not only suits pickaxechat players, but it also actually prevents bots from spamming the chat as it'd be a different thing per player per login

the only spam they can do it [player joined] [player left]

ok thank for reading okbye have a good day OR AFTERNOON if you're into that


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I do actually like this idea, maybe even the addition of both the original Captcha and this. But I feel this would be a good addition! :D


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This is a cool idea!

But maybe we should do it for new players so that if you have joined before you don't have to do it every time. When I say a new player I mean like you can't just join then leave then rejoin and not have to do the captcha but like if you are new to talk in main chat you have to do the captcha for the 1st time only or something like that idk.

Or maybe we could do it so where during an attack SirK or someone could type a command that would strike a captcha for everyone to do then they could talk to it would silence a bot or something.

Another thing that we can do is make another rank(ik ik what do you mean make another rank???) but hear me out, make a free rank that you have to have to have access to chat. We would put a message in /tutorial explaining why we have the rank set as that as well though.

We could also have it so where if you type out a certain amount of times in a certain amount of time then the server can give you a captcha.

We could even implant all 4 of my points into the server to make sure that bots can't attack!

**This is my opinion**​


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The new bot captcha that Sirk implemented, although predictable, is a massive improvement on bot attacks in my opinion. They can only be successful if they first manually get on the server to pass the verification. Which is quite unlikely since bot attacks are typically automatic and easy. Captchas are always good suggestion, but since we already have one I do not see us needing another verification.
*This is my opinion, I am not speaking for the whole team*
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