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Build Competition:
Theme: Castles
- From February 13, 2019
- Till March 10, 2019 (this will be the last day to submit your entries)
- Winners will be announced on March 15, 2019.

1st Place: $1.500.000 in-game money + 3 Relic Crystals

2nd Place: $1.000.000 in-game money + 2 Relic Crystals

3rd Place: $750.000 in-game money + 1 Relic Crystal

Official Rules:
  • Your build must be 100% original content that is not an old creation, whether of yours, your teams or someone else's.
  • Your build must be related to the theme "Castles"
  • You can build with others! We aren't limiting this contest to 1 creator only. Gather your friends, build a glorious creation together!
  • 1 entry per player. If you are working in team, let 1 person post the submission and let them mention your names in the submission form.
  • You must use the default texture pack. Judges will also be reviewing your builds in the default texture pack.
  • All entries must be build in the "Main" world (you can check which world you are in using "/worldinfo" in-game)
  • All Server Rules apply in this contest as well.
  • Make sure to build your competition entry inside claimed land. Otherwise you have the potential to be griefed.

How to Enter to competition?
Everyone is allowed to enter the competition solo OR in team. However, ONE entry per player only.
You enter the competition by post a new thread in this sub-forum with some information regarding your entry.
What should be included in your post?
  • Your and/or your team members in-game username.
  • Location of the build. (Coordinates would be the preferred method. You can find coordinates by opening the F3 screen in-game)
  • A few screenshots. (this will help us to make sure we are looking at the correct buildings.)
We wish everyone the best of luck and Have Fun!
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