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Rejected Blocks that need to be Added to Builder Payout

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The following blocks should be Added to Builder Job Payouts.

- Magma Blocks
- Red Netherbrick Blocks
- Spiderweb
- Netherwart Blocks
- All leaf (leaves) Blocks
- Glowstone Blocks

Mainly this is just for map makers and it gives them a wider variety of Blocks to use in their art, while also getting paid for placing them.

I’d like to keep this thread open in case people have other ideas for blocks that also need to be added.

Edit :

- Glazed Terracotta (Obsidian_Golem)
- Soulsand (Nate6024)
- Redstone Lamps (Toonlord)
- Grass Blocks (Redux)
- Sand & Gravel (Nate6024)
- Bone Blocks (Toonlord)
- Ore Blocks (Toonlord)
- Obsidian (Toonlord)
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Spiderweb and netherwart blocks are impractical for mapart, spiderwebs are same color as birch logs/diorite which is near identical to the white colors, and netherwart blocks are the same as magma/netherbrick and netherrack. And they are difficult to get in numbers needed for mapart compared to their counterpart colors. All the other blocks could be good for Builder, leaves, magma and red nether-brick especially.

Now if we are suggesting blocks for builder Glazed terracotta, Like anything for glazed terracotta, maybe have it give you just xp or just money or maybe 5 cents a thing, anything. Just include it, even if its a 12th of the pay for placing cobble.

Right now artist job, only makes mapartist lives harder. they Take the good terracotta and burn it, they take all the glass and burn it, they take all the wool and do something with it, who knows most likely burn it. What else do they do? poison the water supply and eat all the food probably. Point is, either we make glazed terracotta useful for builders/mapartists or we send those those with the artist job on a permanent vacation to the bottom of a lake.


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They burn the glass? :LOL:

Anyway, I think this would be a great addition to the Builder job. I think it should be fairly balanced over being "12th the pay of cobble" as glazed terracotta is pretty abundant. I also don't think looking at adding blocks from a subjective map-artist point of view is the way to go here. More or less the idea of "We have blocks and we want money from placing them with intent to fulfill the builder job"


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Totally agree, the builder job felt too slow and forced to make map art.


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Actually Golem, spider webs are not the same color they are slightly different. Only useful for shading, otherwise not important. They are very much different from diorite and birch. I don't think you should get paid for placing glowstone as you get paid for breaking them as a hellworker, that should be removed from hellworker if it was to be added...which makes no sense to do.


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All of the nether related blocks will not be added as they will already pay you when youre in the Hellworker job.
Same with leaves for lumberjack.
Grass, sand etc Same reason but digger job.
Ores -> Miner

Cobwebs seems a bit random.
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