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Better perks for builder job


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At the moment builder's only good perk is /top. the other two here aren't all that useful. View attachment 331
By the time you get to lvl 50 builder you likely already have 10 set homes and /hdb heads are pretty cheap. Instead could we get some new perks that are a bit more useful. I'll spitball a few ideas here but please mention some others bellow.

1. /speed (makes getting around and doing large builds a bit easier)
2. /haste (make it faster to tear down structures in towns and redo portions of builds)
3. a 5% mcmmo xp boost to gathering skills (for balance sake I imagine it wouldn't be good to have this stack with say the 10% mining boost)
Builder definitely needs a change, both the perks and the pay. I like these suggestions, but just changing these still wont be enough to make the job viable, right direction though


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i mean i personally think the amounts are ok, there are several block types id like to see added like redstone lamps, emerald blocks , logs, etc. however it is a bit tricky to balance. they are concerned about people farming say lumberjack from people placing and infinitely farming for relatively little work.


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We will not add /haste, /speed or the 5% mcmmo boost on "gathering skills".

However, I will leave the thread open so we can explore other options for builder job perks.
Here's 3 that are a bit more practical for builders.
1. a deconstruct command where you could use it while holding something like prismarine or glowstone (maybe stairs and such too?) and get the materials back. So only stuff where you craft it with one material so that you cant say make concrete and make that back into the base materials.
2. a command to change the color of blocks that are already dyed. an example would be black concrete to red concrete. This would make it much easier for builders that are short a few blocks of one color.
3. a bonus player vault on top of whatever you would normally have (more space to carry around building materials)
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Maybe add more blocks to the pay list? Endstone stuff pays nothing, but 99% of my builds are made out of endstone lmao
I recommend doing a new post rather than asking on here since this is specifically for job perks
Another one i just thought of is at 75 a way to mass craft. idk if there's a plugin or what but say we want to make concrete dust we could put a bunch of gravel, sand and dye in the chest then punch it with the item we want to craft and it will craft as many of that item as possible.

Edit: maybe combine this and my earlier 1 and 2 idea into a builder's toolkit for one rank
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So from my opinion builder has some pretty good perks.
Lvl 25: /top
Lvl 50: 10x sethomes
Lvl 75: free /hdb heads

I personally thought of a plugin for the server with armor stands. A plugin that allowes you to manipulate armor stands in any position. But I also think that if everyone was able to use tht the server will be laggy so I wanted to say that it will be a good idea to change somethings from builder. My idea is this:
Lvl 25: /top
Lvl 50: 5x sethomes
Lvl 50: free /hdb heads
Lvl 75: custom armor stands

Leave a like if you like the idea :}