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Azertu Auctions: Auction on June 8th


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Azertu Auctions

We sold for a total of almost $3.9 million at last auction, and after a break, we are hosting another auction next week.

The auction will happen at /t spawn C and will be performed in /lc so it doesn't disturb the rest of the chat.

The auction will be held on Saturday June 8th at 15:00 server time
(view time in game with TAB, corresponds roughly to 21:00 Central European Time or 15:00 Eastern Time)
You can submit any relic, and any other lot of items worth roughly more than $50k. You will decide the starting price, and if your item is sold, you will receive the sale price minus commission, which is 5% of the sale price.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules below, and take a look at the Q&A.
We have a few rules to insure the auctions will run smoothly:

Rules for buyers
  1. Only bid in local chat. You access that with /lc
  2. Only make bids at a price that you intend to pay - bidding as a joke is not allowed.
  3. Items bought at auction must be paid for immediately - you wait till tomorrow or next week to pay.
Any breach of these rules might lead to exclusion from auctions hosted by Azertu Auctions.

Furthermore, following bid guidelines should generally be followed:
Below 75k............................................At least 1k intervals
Between 75k and 150k...............At least 5k intervals
Between 150k and 500k............At least 10k intervals
Above 500k........................................At least 25k intervals

These are guidelines, not actual rules, but bids just a few dollars above the last bid will be ignored, and continues violations of this can lead to exclusion.

Rules for sellers
  1. Items has to be deposited before the auction. The item can be withdrawn, but only before the auction has started.
  2. Sellers will get 95% of the sale value. The rest is commission.
  3. Sellers will, if the item was sold, be paid after the auction has ended. If the seller isn't online, they will be paid when both the seller and organizer of the auction is online.
  4. Unsold items will be returned after the auction has ended. If the seller isn't online, they will be returned when both the seller and organizer of the auction is online.
  • Which items can I sell at Azertu Auctions?
    You can sell any relic at Azertu Auctions, as long as it's fully repaired. Furthermore, you can also sell any other item or lot of items valued roughly above $50,000.

    Whether you decide to sell several items in different lots or in the same lot is up to you, however we only recommend selling multiple items in the same lot if the items are related (like a armor set or 5 relic cores).

  • Why would I wanna sell something at Azertu Auctions instead of selling it on /ah?
    First of, the built-in auction house isn't really an auction, since people can't bid, only pay the listed item. Because of this, you might end up selling the item for less than you potentially could have, if people would have been able to bid. Secondly, not everyone checks /ah before your 24 hour listing runs out. Mousing over every single item can be tiresome!

    At Azertu Auctions, not only can people bid, and therefore your item might end up selling for much more than you anticipated, but the auctions are also advertised, so players will know which lots are up for sale some time in advance.

  • Why do I have to deposit my auction lot?
    To ensure that the auctions runs smoothly, we need you to deposit your lots. If each lot depends on whether a player is online, and whether a player has second thoughts about a sale, it will take ages to get through an auction.

    We do of course ensure that every deposited item is kept safe, and upon request it can be returned to the player at any time before the auction (when either Chrras or IceColdBeer are online).

    We document each deposit with screenshots, and you are welcome to do so yourself. However, both IceColdBeer and Chrras are long time players on Azertu, both well-known and -respected traders, and can therefore be trusted.

  • What if the item sells for less than I wanted?
    When you put up an item for sale, you are asked to set a starting price. This price is the absolute minimum that you would be willing to sell it for, and we won't sell the item for less than that.

    However, we recommend setting the starting price somewhere below the value of the item, a value that we determine. If the starting price is set too high, the item might not sell, and if we believe your starting price to be outrageous, we will not list the item for the auction.

  • What if I can't make it to the auction?
    First of, sellers doesn't have to be at the auction (but are of course welcome), since all items are deposited, and everything will be taken care of by the auction staff. The seller will just receive the money afterwards (or the item, if it didn't get sold).

    As a buyer, however, you have to be there to make a bid, and eventually buy an item. We are currently looking for opportunities for making bids in advance, if it is something that people would be interested in.

    But, part of the auction is also to make it a bit like an event - how often do you really see other players, other than a few at a shop, or at an occasional vote party?

  • What does it cost to sell something?
    Organizing an auction is a big task, and we take a 5% commission of each sale, meaning the player will get 95% of the sale value.

Do you want to deposit an item for auction? Contact Chrras or IceColdBeer on the server!
Item deposit will end 72 hours before the auction

For this auction, we will post the auction catalogue on Wednesday (where item deposit closes) or on Thursday, and this time we will also include starting prices, so the buyers can know what to save up for.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below or contact us.

We look forward to see you!

- IceColdBeer and Chrras