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Rejected Auction house value estimator

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I was just thinking about this, and I'm not entirely sure what kind of access developers have with the API to link into Auction house, but I figured I would throw this out there. So, since starting the server I have found myself extremely overwhelmed with the marketplace values of Relic items. I haven't the slightest clue what the prices should really be for literally anything at all and overall it feels like there's a lot of gray area on the marketplace prices. So what I'm proposing, is a system that looks at the item ID's of items bought and sold in Auction house to create an average server perceived value of the item based on previous transactions.

I would compare this sort of how the Grand Exchange works on Runescape where transactions actively determine the buy and sell price for marketplace items and fluctuate according to the supply and demand in the server. I would say that these prices should be suggested and not at all enforced as that would open a door for exploitation with players jacking the prices up to trick players into a false sense of value. Possibly a failsafe to that would be averaging over periods of time rather than each individual transaction so someone can't just flip the price overnight.

I'm extremely timid of getting into the relic market for the sole reason that I have no idea what I'm getting into, and I feel like the learning curve is pretty high to know exactly what items should be valued at.

Again, don't know who possible this is with the API of Auction house, but I think it would make Relics less of a looming shadow over new players. Possibly even boosting chest sales so they can see the values of items they COULD get from them.


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I think this is a great idea, but I can't exactly agree with it's execution. Azertu is very strong in having a player derived and ran economy and we've continued to influence that with Town shops and even expansion of the server /market. I understand the potential confusion and timidness when it comes to getting in and out of relics, but that's a process we all went through in creating the current market which stands. Currently, the best option is to ask around for price checks and compare values for a reliable price point.

I sort-of found it difficult to compare an integration with the Grand Exchange of Runescape, because there is no server item-cloud thing to determine and show what's in stock and what isn't consistently; However, I see this possible with a MRP (Most Retailed Price) to be shown on the Auction House (excluding ambiguous cases like "Stick: $1,000,000") based off recently sold items (AH Exclusive). I also found it difficult to integrate with relics in particular, in both cases. Different people pay different amounts for different things: The price of a singular Draconic Armour Piece went from $400,000 to $1,200,000 in less than a few hours by bid, so it's generally rapidly fluctuating.
The prices of items would be a mirror image of the community's perception of it's value. The value is in no way "set" to where it is, it can fluctuate and change based off its demand. Similar to how Runescape works. When the a new update comes out that uses a popular item the item gets bought a lot, thus increasing its demand and increasing its price. The community as a whole creates a limit on how much they will pay for something based off of those needs and demands. There's not clear economic state of the server. It's like if I were to go to Walmart and have to bargain for a can of Ravioli and the cashier thinks its worth 50 dollars and I think it's worth 1 dollar. When stronger regulations go into play on dairy products the prices go up. There is a stationary demand for dairy but the supply is less so prices rise. The community can set these prices off of their buying habits and the items rarity. The cases of people paying extreme prices for items is an example of how there isn't a clear economic climate, because no one really knows other than the true veterans, and I know from experience I have to ask a million times to get a value for items. So asking people isn't really a consistent way of learning values.

I understand that everyone who joins the server goes through the process of learning the prices, but keep in mind we're playing a game that doesn't have to be that confusing and have that high of a learning curve. New players, or even younger players who don't understand economics will have no clue whatsoever how to deal with relics, which would make the server as a whole less appealing.
What about a Kelly Blue Book idea? Let's say some relic sword is for sale. It could say: these have sold for 100k-335k. The last one sold was on: 4/18/2019.
It shows what the price was at that point, and the further you are from the last time that item was sold, the more it could fluctuate.
It could be something that is implemented in the forums, where people can come and tell what they paid and when, and whether they thought that was below, average, or above price. Then we can take that data to make a Relic Blue Book of sorts!
I think that would be a good and easy way to do it. I do think however that if it could be automatic it would be far more beneficial. I kind of doubt every time people sell or buy things they will update the forums with that information. I think having a history log though could give players an idea of what an item is worth. That way it's a suggestion and a basic guideline of the price and not a set value.


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We will not add this suggestion.

It seems way too excessive for something that's fairly simple.

You always have the ability to use the market channels on both server, forum and discord to ask help with evaluating items value.
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